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Everyone at Big Viking is a gamer and we make the games that we want to play. We think that mobile phones and tablets are the ultimate gaming platforms and we strive to create the best games those platforms have ever seen.

Tiny Kingdoms

Tiny Kingdoms

Tiny Kingdoms is a tactical battle RPG featuring evolving heroes, crafting and pets. With the help of a small group of heroes, you will need to think strategically as you battle your way to the top of the ranks to become the heir to the Tiny Kingdoms throne!
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Join the Dark Heroes

Take command of an army and lead your soldiers to victory. Complete missions and dominate battles against enemy races to gain total control of the Universe! View Game

Dark Heroes

Fish World

Build your aquarium in Fish world

Fish World puts you in control of a virtual aquarium. Keep your fish happy by keeping them fed and beautifying their tanks. Trade gifts and favours with friends for the full social gaming experience.
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Discover the world of Mech Force

The tyrannical Galruth Empire has enslaved humanity and is using them to drive their war machine forward. As humans continue to die in the name of the Galruth, their extinction becomes more imminent. But there is hope!
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Mech Force

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