We Are Vikings

We love games. We love our work.


We are Vikings

We make awesome Viking things.


Big Viking Games, founded in 2011, is the largest independent mobile and social game studio in Canada and a pioneer in mobile HTML5 games.  The company has grown profitably to a team of over 80 Vikings across two studios in Toronto and London, Ontario.  From our beginnings with hits like FishWorld and YoWorld, we have become a leader in live operations, and a pioneer of what is possible with mobile HTML5 technologies to redefine the future of mobile entertainment. Our titles are played by millions of people on iOS, Android, Facebook and the mobile web.

Our mission at Big Viking Games is to Make Fans—both in game and in our studio. We aim not only to create passionate fans, but also passionate employees. As a team, we are always looking to challenge each other to work to our full potential in order to build something great. This combination of passion and talent creates a solid foundation for the high quality games in which we pride ourselves. To learn more about what it’s like to join our Viking horde, see our Careers section.



We are now exclusively remote which means we can source the very best talent from all over the world. We also offer flexible schedules and relocation support to move to Canada!