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May 2016

GalatronVS Release 1.2.0

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  • Added boss encounters to the game
  • Added combo counter and combo score into the game
  • Changed enemy flight paths and enemy bullet patterns
  • Updated bot story flow to be more narrative
  • Temporarily removed meteors and laser spawns
  • Added 2 minute timers before boss encounter
  • Updated all notification images

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This is our first ever GalatronVS Game Update blog post. We want to use these to talk to players about what we’re working on and to hear your feedback. Please send us any of your player suggestions, feedback or comments through our Facebook page or by email at [email protected].

GalatronVS is currently in Alpha. This means that we’re still working on a lot of the features we want in the game, so the game will be growing and getting better over the coming weeks. Here’s a list of some of our recent changes, as well as updates we’ll be making in the near future.

Combo Counter & Kill Score

Flying your ship and blasting robots should be fast-paced and exciting. To capture this, we’ve changed the way enemies spawn and added a combo counter that ticks up every time you destroy an enemy. Hitting various combo counter numbers gives you a bonus to your kill score, but when you miss an enemy, your combo counter resets to zero. We believe these changes make destroying enemies more rewarding versus trying to dodge as many enemies as possible to maximize your distance score.

Coins Drops

Players have consistently told us that they’d like to see more coin drops. Honestly, we are considering revisiting the entire coin system since dropping more coins in game could create on-screen clutter and get distracting. We’re hoping to find a way to distribute more coins to players outside of gameplay, while still preserving the thrill of dodging enemy bullets to catch items in the game. We’ll share more details soon as we work on this part of the game.

New Modifications and Power Ups

Currently, you’re able to purchase only new ship designs, and while these designs look cool, they don’t give you any different abilities in game. We’ll soon be adding awesome modifications like missiles, bombs and laser cannons that you can buy for your ship. You’ll be able to unlock new bullet patterns and level them up to make your ship more powerful as you progress. Finally, we’ll also be introducing premium currency, which Kik players will be able to buy using Kikpoints.

Difficulty and New Maps

Many players have noticed that the game got a lot more difficult with the latest update. We’ve also added in our first boss encounter, and we’ll definitely be adding more bosses in the future.

As we continue to build the game, we want to provide a wider range of map options, including easier maps for those who still are trying to learn the game, and harder maps for those who want that extra challenge. This is one of our main areas of focus where we’re working hard to improve the game.

Give Us Your Feedback!

This first blog post should give you some idea as to what we’re working on, and how we’re planning to improve GalatronVS. However, we really want to hear your thoughts on what we’re doing right and what we could be doing better. Let us know what you think on Facebook, or send us an email.