Big Viking Games takes on 24 Hour Gaming Marathon to Support Sick Children

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This past weekend, Big Viking Games had the honour of raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by participating in a 24-hour gaming marathon organized by Extra-Life. Employees packed themselves into our London office to raise funds for sick children all while doing something they absolutely love to do. Not only did we surpass our $5000 fundraising goal, but we also managed to make top 100 out of the 6000 total participants! We have even higher hopes for next year, but first we want to share with you guys some amazing stories from the marathon! Read More

The Co-op Experience at a Bustling Startup

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Our previous post from Hannes touched upon how fun and rewarding it was for him to work at Big Viking Games, but there’s definitely more to working here than that! In fact, taking on a role at BVG means that you’ll have the opportunity to wear multiple hats, often tackling many different responsibilities to find out where you really excel. Our Co-op programs offer this great experience, as our goal is to show these students what work life in the Viking world is really like. Here’s Michael, our Co-op Software Developer for Dark Heroes, speaking about what it’s like to work at a bustling startup like Big Viking Games! Read More

Behind the Scenes of a YoWorld Developer

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So, you want to know what life is like for a YoWorld Co-op Developer? Well, the Viking World is full of smart, talented, and passionate individuals who are ready to dive into whatever task is thrown at them. Lucky enough we’re able to find some pretty awesome Co-op students who did just that! As you keep reading you’ll be able to gain some insights from Hannes, who will speak about exactly what it was like to be a Co-op Developer for YoWorld, and trust us things can get pretty interesting! Read More

Investing in Future Vikings!

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It was a packed house at the Facebook office in Toronto as 50+ senior high school students gathered around to learn all about HTML5 and the gaming industry. Big Viking Games CEO and Co-Founder Albert Lai along with Toronto Developer, Casey Banner presented some of their own personal insights and knowledge about the industry including the in’s and out’s of landing your dream job – and clearly making games is high up on that list! Read More