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August 2016

GalatronVS Release 1.3.8

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Please note: GalatronVS is currently in Alpha. This means that we are still making some big changes to the game in the coming weeks to improve the core game experience, and none of our balance or abilities are final and are subject to change. While we make these changes, we are committed to doing our best to handle any update as gracefully as possible for all of our current players.

Pilots, here are some notes for release 1.3.8:

  • Active abilities added into the game! Check out the 4 new available active abilities in the game
  • Updated content, new flight patterns and balance
  • New Kik store – there are now more purchasing options in the Kik store
  • Fixed bugs and other issues

Bugs and Other Issues

We fixed the issue where players couldn’t submit their scores, as well as some other bugs we were seeing in the game. Please continue to report issues you see in the game during Alpha to help us make the game better!

Active Abilities

We have 4 new active abilities in the game. You collect energy canisters off enemies you kill – once you have collected enough energy, you can activate your active ability. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Updated Content

We did a pass at the core gameplay, and think we made it a lot more challenging for players. There’s a lot more enemy patterns in the game, and more bullets to dodge. We’ll be working on improving the gameplay in the coming days, and adding in additional enemies, bosses, and levels. Keep a look out for these updates!

New Kik Store

Now you can purchase more than 100 gems at a time!

Thanks for playing our game! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email [email protected].