GalatronVS Release 1.3.8

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Please note: GalatronVS is currently in Alpha. This means that we are still making some big changes to the game in the coming weeks to improve the core game experience, and none of our balance or abilities are final and are subject to change. While we make these changes, we are committed to doing our best to handle any update as gracefully as possible for all of our current players.

Pilots, here are some notes for release 1.3.8:

  • Active abilities added into the game! Check out the 4 new available active abilities in the game
  • Updated content, new flight patterns and balance
  • New Kik store – there are now more purchasing options in the Kik store
  • Fixed bugs and other issues

Bugs and Other Issues

We fixed the issue where players couldn’t submit their scores, as well as some other bugs we were seeing in the game. Please continue to report issues you see in the game during Alpha to help us make the game better!

Active Abilities

We have 4 new active abilities in the game. You collect energy canisters off enemies you kill – once you have collected enough energy, you can activate your active ability. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Updated Content

We did a pass at the core gameplay, and think we made it a lot more challenging for players. There’s a lot more enemy patterns in the game, and more bullets to dodge. We’ll be working on improving the gameplay in the coming days, and adding in additional enemies, bosses, and levels. Keep a look out for these updates!

New Kik Store

Now you can purchase more than 100 gems at a time!

Thanks for playing our game! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email [email protected].

GalatronVS Release 1.3.3

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Please note: GalatronVS is currently in Alpha. This means that we are still making some big changes to the game in the coming weeks to improve the core game experience, and none of our balance or abilities are final and are subject to change. While we make these changes, we are committed to doing our best to handle any update as gracefully as possible for all of our current players.

Pilots! We’ve released another huge push, with some major changes to GalatronVS. Here is an overview of updates:

  • Added boss vaults, free vaults and medal vaults into our game
  • Added passive ability cards into the game
  • Added new bullet pattern cards into the game
  • Added card upgrades into the game
  • Added Mini-Boss encounter to the game
  • Updated scoring and game score UI
  • Changed shield power up to give 1 additional hit instead of duration based
  • Removed Gunzerker power up
  • Completely overhauled Upgrade Tab to equip mod cards
  • Changed the world scaling so units are not off the screen
  • Added premium currency & store
  • General balance pass at game content

Premium Currency

Kik players can now purchase 100 gems for 100 KPs through our bot! This will allow you to buy upgrades for your ship in our store. Check it out! You can use these gems to purchase vaults, buy cards, or instantly unlock win vaults.


We implemented a Vault system, which is our way of rewarding players with coins, cards, and premium gems. Here are the vaults in this build:

  • Boss Vaults – you can win vaults by killing bosses, which you can unlock on the home screen. This will give you cards and coins!
  • Free Vaults – a new free vault is available every 4 hours, with up to 2 stackable. That means if you come back to the game after 8 hours, you will have 2 free vaults ready for opening!
  • Medal Vaults – a new medal vault is available to be filled up every 24 hours, with 2 stackable. That means if you haven’t played for 48 hours, there will be 2 medal vaults ready to be filled up. You can fill up medal vaults by participating in tournaments. First place gives you 10 medals, which instantly fills up the vault. Second place gives 5 medals, third place gives 3, and anything from fourth to eighth gives 1.
  • Paid Vaults – you can buy vaults directly in the store

Bullet Pattern Cards and Passive Ability Cards

There are currently 3 bullet pattern cards and 5 passive cards collectible in the game. We’ll definitely be adding more abilities and improving the current ones moving forward, but this is just our first step at giving players the ability to power up their ships. Every ship can have 1 bullet pattern equipped, and 4 passive abilities equipped. In the future, we will also be releasing active ability cards.

Changes to Power Ups

We’ve removed the Gunzerker power up from the game. We did this because, moving forward, guns and bullets can be levelled up in the Upgrade tab.

We also made a change to the Shield power up. It used to be duration based, but now gives you one additional hit. We made this change for two reasons:

  1. We will be releasing active abilities in the future with duration based invulnerability that is better suited for colliding into enemies to destroy them
  2. We did not feel the power up was true to how a “shield” should work, as it’s meant to absorb damage, and not meant to be used as an offensive weapon

Up Next

We’re now working on getting active abilities into the game, as well as new maps, enemies, bosses and mini bosses. We’d love your feedback on other features you’d like to see in the game. Let us know!

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Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to stay in touch with game updates: You can also send emails to [email protected] at any time if you have any questions, comments, or feedback. You can also directly Kik username bvg_vox if there’s anything in the game you’d like to talk about.

GalatronVS Release 1.2.0

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  • Added boss encounters to the game
  • Added combo counter and combo score into the game
  • Changed enemy flight paths and enemy bullet patterns
  • Updated bot story flow to be more narrative
  • Temporarily removed meteors and laser spawns
  • Added 2 minute timers before boss encounter
  • Updated all notification images

If you want to give us feedback as we improve the game, please follow us on Facebook at GalatronVS.


This is our first ever GalatronVS Game Update blog post. We want to use these to talk to players about what we’re working on and to hear your feedback. Please send us any of your player suggestions, feedback or comments through our Facebook page or by email at [email protected].

GalatronVS is currently in Alpha. This means that we’re still working on a lot of the features we want in the game, so the game will be growing and getting better over the coming weeks. Here’s a list of some of our recent changes, as well as updates we’ll be making in the near future.

Combo Counter & Kill Score

Flying your ship and blasting robots should be fast-paced and exciting. To capture this, we’ve changed the way enemies spawn and added a combo counter that ticks up every time you destroy an enemy. Hitting various combo counter numbers gives you a bonus to your kill score, but when you miss an enemy, your combo counter resets to zero. We believe these changes make destroying enemies more rewarding versus trying to dodge as many enemies as possible to maximize your distance score.

Coins Drops

Players have consistently told us that they’d like to see more coin drops. Honestly, we are considering revisiting the entire coin system since dropping more coins in game could create on-screen clutter and get distracting. We’re hoping to find a way to distribute more coins to players outside of gameplay, while still preserving the thrill of dodging enemy bullets to catch items in the game. We’ll share more details soon as we work on this part of the game.

New Modifications and Power Ups

Currently, you’re able to purchase only new ship designs, and while these designs look cool, they don’t give you any different abilities in game. We’ll soon be adding awesome modifications like missiles, bombs and laser cannons that you can buy for your ship. You’ll be able to unlock new bullet patterns and level them up to make your ship more powerful as you progress. Finally, we’ll also be introducing premium currency, which Kik players will be able to buy using Kikpoints.

Difficulty and New Maps

Many players have noticed that the game got a lot more difficult with the latest update. We’ve also added in our first boss encounter, and we’ll definitely be adding more bosses in the future.

As we continue to build the game, we want to provide a wider range of map options, including easier maps for those who still are trying to learn the game, and harder maps for those who want that extra challenge. This is one of our main areas of focus where we’re working hard to improve the game.

Give Us Your Feedback!

This first blog post should give you some idea as to what we’re working on, and how we’re planning to improve GalatronVS. However, we really want to hear your thoughts on what we’re doing right and what we could be doing better. Let us know what you think on Facebook, or send us an email.