Galatron Launches on Facebook Instant Games

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facebook_horizontal_banner001Galatron, BVG’s fast-paced space shooter, launches today on Facebook Messenger’s Instant Games platform.

Galatron puts players in the pilot’s seat of the Valkyrie: a sleek, powerful starfighter with the most advanced weaponry in the fleet. It’s up to you as pilot to blast through waves of alien ships, dodge devastating meteors and battle epic bosses in a quest to save the galaxy. Players can upgrade their weapons, customize their ships and rack up bonuses for obliterating whole waves of invaders as they work to achieve high scores and climb the ranks in order to become the best fighter pilot of all.

Play Galatron HTML5 Instant Gaming Big Viking Games

Galatron coming to Facebook Messenger’s Instant Gaming platform means that you can play the game right now: on any device where you’re already using Facebook messenger. We created the game in HTML5 to make it instantly playable, but another benefit is that you won’t ever have to download, install, or update the game. Just open it on Facebook Messenger, and play!

This is precisely why BVG has invested so many years of work in HTML5 instant gaming. Our CEO and co-founder Albert Lai explains it best:

“Big Viking Games has been at the forefront of HTML5 development, and with Galatron we’re able to really showcase that technology and show what a game on messenger can look like. Galatron has features and gameplay that many thought were impossible in an instant messenger game so we’re excited for players to see that and realize that this is really a viable platform for quality games.”

To play Galatron today:

1. Join any chat in Facebook Messenger

2. Tap the Instant Games icon at the bottom of the chat

How to play Galatron

3. Find Galatron and press PLAY

How to play Galatron

Our official press release on the subject of the the Galatron launch can be found below:

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Valiant Partners with BVG for First Major Content Partnership

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We have some amazing news to share today about our first major content partnership. Big Viking Games has signed a five year mobile content partnership with Valiant Entertainment, the award-winning comic book publisher. As you know, Valiant has a library of more than 2,000 characters, including X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Harbinger, and Shadowman.

The partnership with Valiant will focus on combining their best-selling collection of superheroes with our own industry leading HTML5 development and publishing ability to deliver the Valiant Universe to existing fans and new players alike through a completely new medium.

Our CEO Albert Lai said it best when commenting on how excited our Vikings are to be working with a leading comic publisher.

“We have always been huge fans of their comics, and the executive team has done an incredible job bringing Valiant to the forefront of the comic world over the years. Valiant and Big Viking share a very similar core ideology, which is to ‘make fans,’ and I believe this partnership will make millions of new fans for both companies”

Valiant Entertainment will be bringing their content to a number of new platforms in the coming years. Just last year Valiant announced a five-film deal with Sony Pictures to bring both their Bloodshot and Harbinger franchises to life on the big screen, and they are looking forward to the promise of the ground-breaking new medium that is instant gaming.

“Big Viking is poised to enter the market on the cusp of a game-changing moment for the whole of mobile gaming and, together, we look forward to engaging a massive new audience for Valiant’s incredibly rich universe of characters,” said Russell A. Brown, President of Consumer Products, Promotions & Ad Sales for Valiant Entertainment.

For full details on the Valiant – Big Viking Games partnership, read on to see our official press release.

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Big Viking Games Announces $10 Million Publishing Fund For HTML5 Messenger Instant Games

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HTML Mobile Instant Games

TORONTO and LONDON, ON – (November 29, 2016) – Big Viking Games, the largest independent mobile and social game studio in Canada and a pioneer in HTML5 Messenger Instant Games, is expanding the reach of its HTML5 initiatives today with the creation of a $10 million publishing fund to develop and distribute third-party content for messengers platforms in HTML5.

The Company is a founding launch partner on the Facebook Messenger Instant Gaming platform, and will lead with its addictive space-shooter, Galatron, on the platform on December 15. Along with Big Viking Games’ nearly five years of pioneering research and development in HTML5 messenger game development technology, developers will also have the support of its data science platform from Gallop Labs, a top Facebook awarded data science and marketing automation platform that Big Viking Games acquired earlier this year. With Big Viking Games customized HTML5 development and marketing platform, developers will have access to both cutting edge HTML5 development tools, as well as data science, user acquisition and advanced live operations abilities to create an ideal environment for third-party publishing. Read More

Big Viking Games attracts $21.75 million in investment to increase its lead in HTML5 mobile instant games

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Years of investing in mobile instant gaming using HTML5 are paying off for Big Viking Games. We have received $21.75 million in funding so far to support our strategic initiatives, and we’re planning to raise $60 million more as we seek to partner with developers, publishers, agencies and brands to create the next generation of HTML5 experiences.

Big Viking Games’ focus on HTML5 stated way back in 2012.

“We made the decision to make significant investments in HTML5 instant games because we saw the potential of the technology and how it will define the future of mobile gaming and entertainment,” says BVG co-founder and CEO Albert Lai. “Others have moved away from HTML5 due to the technical investment required but we believe that open standards and more powerful devices will pave the way for a massive shift on mobile phones and tablets.” Read More

Big Viking Games acquires Gallop Labs team

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Big Viking Games is proud to announce today our acquisition of Gallop Labs. After working closely with the Gallop team for many years, we’re excited to be officially welcoming them to the Big Viking team.

At Big Viking Games, we’re passionate about bringing smart people together to Make Fans. And Gallop brings with it a lot of smart people. Founded in Toronto as a data science and marketing automation company, Gallop was quickly recognized with the Facebook Mobile Innovation Award and was named one of Canada’s Most Innovative Companies at the 2014 Canadian Innovation Exchange.

Great games come from great data, and the thought-leadership that the Gallop team will bring to Big Viking Games will only serve to make our work better. We’re so thankful to everyone involved in the acquisition process, including the founders of Gallop, their investors and their Board of Directors, who should all be incredibly proud of the company they built. When Canadian startups are acquired by other Canadian companies, the entire ecosystem wins.

The Gallop team members have already moved into our Toronto office. We can’t wait to see what we can do together.
Check out the full press release about the acquisition here.

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