5 Awesome Reasons to Work in Canada’s Growing Gaming Industry

By October 24, 2014Career Advice

The gaming industry is stronger than ever, and with mobile and social gaming taking the world by storm, there are many opportunities for professionals to grow their careers within this industry. For professionals in Canada looking for a job in gaming, Canada has quickly become one of the dominant forces in the gaming world. In fact, ESA Canada reported that Canada is now the 3rd largest gaming development country in the world after the U.S and Japan, with over 40% of Canadian gaming companies predicting at least 25% growth in 2014. That means there’s plenty of work to go around!

Whether you’re an HR specialist, an expert artist, a marketing guru, or a talented developer, the gaming industry is honestly an amazing place to work, and Canadian gaming studios like ours are always looking for professionals seeking to grow their careers. Every company has their own unique perk structure (at Big Viking Games we offer some pretty sweet perks), but here are five reasons why you should look into landing a career in the gaming industry.

1. Getting paid to make/play games. Our CEO, Albert Lai, dreamt of making games his entire life, and so he did it. Our CPO, Greg Thomson locked himself in a room and coded for hours until FishWorld was born! We know there are a lot of other passionate gamers out there who are just like our co-founders, and if this is you, imagine coming to work everyday knowing that you ACTUALLY love what you do! Take the plunge!

2. Getting to work in a casual environment. Not all gaming companies offer this, but you’ll definitely find this in most mobile gaming startups. Let’s face it, if you had to wear a suit and tie to work everyday, chances are that you’ll be breaking the bank to look like everyone else in the office. Not worrying about your daily outfit choices AND being comfy while at your desk goes a long way in boosting your work ability, so say hello to Costco sweatpants (well, maybe not that comfy).

3. A diverse range of opportunities is another awesome reason to work in the gaming industry. Besides the competitive salary and amazing perks, the gaming industry offers people the opportunity to work and grow their career in any direction they want. Many people don’t think to look to a gaming company as a place for administrative, project management, or human resource work, but often times you can find a career in almost any field within this industry.

4. An always evolving industry. A lot of jobs can get pretty static, and nothing changes. You go to work every single day and do the same task, over and over again. The gaming industry is definitely not like that. Things are changing every day, and if you’re the type of person that wants a career in an industry that is dynamic and exciting, then the gaming industry is definitely for you!

5. You get to make fans of your games: This is probably one of the more rewarding things when it comes to a career in games. Passionate gamers can often be difficult to please, but there’s an utter joy when you know that your game is genuinely benefiting your audience and bringing happiness to their life. A side note to this (and yet another reason to work in this industry) is knowing that your coworkers will all likely share the same passion as you when it comes to games. It’s a win/win!

These are just our top 5 reasons, but there are many more and the best way to find out is to join our team because we’re always looking for amazing talent!



*Photo courtesy of: http://theesa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Essential-Facts-English.pdf

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