Big Viking Games attends HTML500 in London, Ontario

By February 10, 2015Culture, Games, Tech

This past weekend, Big Viking Games had the honour of attending the HTML500 event with many other talented companies and organizations in London. The event was created by Lighthouse Labs – a Vancouver based Development Bootcamp which dedicates itself to teaching individuals everything they need to know about coding and programming to become wizards at their craft – all in 8 intensive weeks. The event itself is a short snippet of that, where one of the instructors teaches a group of 500 how to build a basic website from scratch (all for free), and the participants work closely with developers to accomplish this task.

Taking place in four different regions including London, Toronto, Calgary and of course, Vancouver, the HTML500 hopes to inspire more people to learn to code and show everyone that coding isn’t as hard as you think. Chris S., and Nathan L., two BVG Developers and Ricky S., a BVG Producer, were there to man the Big Viking fort at this Saturday’s festivities and had an amazing time interacting and sharing their skills and knowledge with everyone in attendance.

We had a great time at the event. Handing out swag to local Londoners, as well as working with those at our table to help them code was a very rewarding experience. We were thrilled to be a part of the community focused event, and enjoyed spending time with everyone at our table! Fabian Boehm had some kind words for us after the event:

“A big thank you to Nathan Lutz who taught me how to figure out my coding problems by myself and helped me when I got stuck, to Ricky Shum who brought me pizza and to Christopher Shankland who made me switch tables, gave me a Viking hat and animated my website.

Well done, Big Viking Games. I have said this before; Greg Thomson’s and Albert Lai’s company is the most innovative tech company that we have in London and we should be very lucky that they stay here!”

Thanks for the kudos Fabian! Glad you were enticed by our Viking hats and tumblers to join our table! It was definitely a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of such a great event. Can’t wait until next year!