Investing in Future Vikings!

By September 15, 2014Uncategorized

It was a packed house at the Facebook office in Toronto as 50+ senior high school students gathered around to learn all about HTML5 and the gaming industry. Big Viking Games CEO and Co-Founder Albert Lai along with Toronto Developer, Casey Banner presented some of their own personal insights and knowledge about the industry including the in’s and out’s of landing your dream job – and clearly making games is high up on that list!

So what exactly does it take to land such an awesome job? Casey shared his experience with these eager high schoolers and gave them some of his own personal tips. Casey stressed the obvious importance of College and University (for any parents out there reading this), but more importantly gaining experience through co-ops and internships until students really find what they’re passionate about – which was why and how Casey began his career at Big Viking Games.

Albert Lai also explained the importance of investing in future talent, especially to those who already have such a heavy interest at a young age. Albert’s dream since he was in high school was to build a gaming company – because what else is better than coming to work everyday knowing that you love what you do AND get paid for it? Nothing! Not only that, but it’s refreshing to know that at such a young age, high school students share that same passion which is why events like these are so important.

During this power hour, students gained some real life insights about what to expect and how to reach their current goals. It also gave these high schoolers a brief look at what their future might look like – which by the looks of it might involve plenty of Viking hats!

If you share the same excitement that we do when it comes to making games, then check out our career page because Big Viking Games is always looking for new talent!