Using HTML5 to build Mech Force & why we aren’t looking back

By April 18, 2013Games, Tech

In the early 2000s, caffeine dependence and code crunching took a spike in popularity as the world anxiously looked for a successor to HTML 4.01. After years of drafting and redrafting, HTML5 was born. The standard has received its fair share of criticism, some valid, some simply uninformed. But as you look around you’ll find HTML5 is supported by some amazingly successful businesses, and there are great games out there to prove that HTML5 is a viable option for high quality gaming today. Having just released our first HTML5 title, Mech Force, Big Viking Games is able to provide a first hand account of what it is like to work with, and why we will continue to work with HTML5.

HTML5, the Top Choice for Our Developers

In the past few months game studios have made huge strides with HTML5 and the foundation is being built for a long-term relationship. Big Viking believes that HTML5 will be the standard for mobile gaming. So when building our latest game, Mech Force we invested heavily in HTML5. Our team found solace in the wake of an accessible future – one where processes of language and testing were simplified and unrestricted. The promise of a “write-once, run-anywhere” platform would ultimately save us on time and money.

A “run anywhere” promise means we can use a single code base to release our games to both mobile and web platforms. Games can be scaled to take advantage of the power available on the underlying hardware without having to be fully rewritten. Of course, with HTML5 there are challenges to work through such as memory limitations and the effect of animations on a mobile’s CPU. However, as a team you have to get creative and try reworking a few things to optimize functionality.

Player Happiness +100, Click to Continue

Every employee of Big Viking Games has a sweet “create passionate fans” face tattoo. Okay, that’s a lie, but that is our mantra, and something we take very seriously.

How does the language we use create awesome experiences for our users? The biggest benefit for our players is ubiquitous gaming. Play from your iPad while lazing on the couch, pick up exactly where you left off from your desktop, then continue on your iPhone while bopping around town. HTML5 also eliminates the need for additional plugins and constant updating (insert collective cheer here). One download. One time. Access anywhere. #winning


Looking to the future, HTML5 provides great potential for the gaming industry. As with most platforms, of course there are problems which need to be delicately worked through. However, through our personal success with Mech Force, we are able to demonstrate the type of high-quality games this technology can provide. Games written using HTML5 technology will enable high performance and ultimately improve user experience. And isn’t this what every gaming company wants to accomplish?